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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Seven Artists Cinco Loves


I actually have this painting hanging in my house. A twisted cartoon sensibility with an undeniable sense of fun (even the toast has a face). Check out his website,

SHAG (aka Josh Agle). A cool retro feel, with amazing colors. His website is

MARION PECK. I love this painting, which is called "Cow." If you do, too, check out her website:

JOE SORREN. Joe lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, and is responsible for the giant mural downtown. I love his work, but it freaks out my wife. If it doesn't freak you out, check out

NOUAR. You will either respond to this painting, or you won't. I love her stuff. Twisted, with the look of those old Fleischer cartoons. Her site is

GRANT WOOD. He's most famous for "American Gothic," but his Iowan landscapes are my favorites. Here's a page with a bunch of his paintings: Grant Wood

ROBERT LADUKE. Another Arizonan. Most of his painting are of trains and 40's cars pulling trailers. But I love this one of a house, called "Popcorn." Check out more of his art at

So now you've seen the seven artists, let me know what you think. Vote for your favorite. Or suggest one of your own.


  • How about that terrific artist, Dustin Mackay?

    By Blogger Mommy, at 3:48 PM  

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